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Shipping FAQ

  Please note; selecting Express shipping at the checkout is only a postage method. It does not move your order up the queue.  If your order is urgent and you require same day dispatch, please contact us BEFORE you place to order to arrange this. 

My order is really small in size, can you send my parcel as a letter?

Yes we can, this will cost you $6.50 because we only send out parcels with a tracking number and your letter will need to be sent registered mail.

Is the price I see for shipping at checkout the final price I will have to pay?

No, it is only an estimate. We cannot know every possible product combination in an order so we cannot accurately quote on the exact shipping cost for your order.  

While we have a pretty good idea and are usually spot on there are the odd times when we err.

If we pack up your order and find it weighs a significantly different amount, or is a different size, we may refund you the difference of the shipping you paid (we are only able to offer PayPal refunds or shop credit at this stage).  Should the amount you paid not cover any extra weight or size, we will then send you an invoice via the shop for the additional amount required to cover the shipping cost.

We are only able to dispatch your parcel in full once all shipping invoices have been paid. Should you wish to change the size of your order to avoid these costs please make note of this in a reply email when you receive your invoice.

If you would like an exact quote for your order we will pack it up weigh it and quote you but you will be charged $5 for this quote, should you accept the quote and place the order,  $4.00 of this will be allocated to your account as shop credit.


What are my shipping options?

We offer;

  • Standard Parcel shipping through Australia Post.
  • Express Parcel Shipping Through Australia Post
  • Courier Door to Door
  • Pick Up in Cheltenham 3192 (BY APPT ONLY)

What if my parcel gets returned to sender?

You will receive a notification via the shop once your parcel has received its first scan. You are therefore able to check it's progress and see its arrival due date. If a parcel is returned to us because of non collection or is unable to be  delivered to the address you supplied, you will need to pay for postage to resend the item.

We will not cancel orders that have been returned to us or refund the returned items as it is not our fault the parcel was returned.

Parcels that have been returned twice will incur a resending fee of $10.00. 

You also waive any right to claim for damaged items as the parcel has been though the postage system more than once and the likely hood of damage is higher.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We prefer the question how long will it take to send my order, and this is because once the parcel leaves us it is no longer in control.  The answer is to the question we can answer is, as soon as possible.  We dispatch orders daily, we try to get parcels out on the same day, if receive them early enough or else they go out the very next working day. Currently our processing time of orders is two days.  Some of our stock is stored in our warehouse and we only visit the warehouse once daily. 

If you place an order on a Friday it will more than likely only be sent out on the following Monday. 

How can I track my order?

Every single order that leaves us has a tracking number within 24 hours of your order lodgement with its carrier, we will upload the tracking details to your order on the online shop and you will then be notified by email of these details.

From time to time we experience hi high volume of orders, usually seasonal.  Orders can take up to 5 business days to process during this time. You will be alerted to any delay in the process of orders on the front page of the shop.

What if my stuff arrives damaged?

We will always do our best to package your parcel with the expectation that it may take a beating on it's way to you.  For this reason we are very particular about what packaging we use and how we pack different items.  We take great pride in our parcel packing and will not do it any other way.

If you are still concerned about your parcel arriving safely, please contact us to arrange additional insurance on the parcel.  In the unlikely event that your goods are in some way damaged please refer to our "Returns Policy" for addition information. You will find these on the checkout page. 

Please note you may only receive reimbursement once the third party carrier has investigated and in turn refunded us.

Any parcels sent by Sendle or one of their contractors incur a $100.00 excess on any claims.

We are not able to offer ANY reimbursement for parcels lost by Sendle or any courier company.


Australia Post Prices - as 06 September 2021