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2L Special Deal Glass Coat Resin - Liquid Gloss

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2 parts @ 1L= 2L

This deal is as follows:

1 x 2L Gloss resin and choice of 1 packet of 50g or less of any glitter from our collection. 

Subject to stock availability. 

Glitter cannot be exchanged for any other product or discount. 

Creates a perfectly clear glass-like finish equal to many coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with a single application.

Can be applied to wood, glass, terracotta, papier-mache, tin, ceramic tiles; almost all non-porous surfaces.

Great for making tumblers and doing resin art. 

Can also be used in plastic or silicone moulds to create jewellery and other decorations. 

Material Data Safety Sheet available at