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Bio Glitter Fine - Golden - 10g

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Our   is environmentally friendly, because it is made from biodegradable plant cellulose.
1/96" or .4mm size flakes 
Glitter will be 75% degradable after 45 days in standard composting conditions.
Use on your cards, decorations, wood, and paper.  This glitter will not decompose unless compostable conditions are met.
Not edible.
The environmentally friendly tin container can be recycled or refilled.  The stickers on the tin are also completely bio degradble.   
Can be used with Mod Podge, assorted adhesives, varnishes and double sided tape. 
Available in
10g Recyclable Aluminum Screw Top tin 
Sold by weight not volume.
Perfect for glittered wine glasses, tumblers, baubles, general crafts, card making, stage props, shoe decorating, Christmas crafts, hair art. 
Please note: As screens and cameras vary, the true colour may differ slightly to the colour in the image.
For a true representation of the colours please refer to a Real Glitter Colour chart.