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Glitter Advent Calendar 2021

Regular price $65.00

Please do not post photos (spoilers) of your glitters before the day.  
If you would like to send a calendar to someone else as a gift, please put ALL THEIR DETAILS in the notes section,  we may contact you to confirm this if need be.

  • 24 x 20g Christmas theme inspired Glitters, each in an individual plastic¬†resealable bag.¬†
  • An extra special Christmas Gift for the 25th (worth $20)
  • Each glitter is unique to Cafe Create and has been hand mixed with love.¬† The names, the colours and the fun will fill you a sense of Christmas spirit.¬†
  • While each glitter has a Christmas theme - the majority¬†have been cleverly created to be suitable for use within any theme and for all occasions.
  • This year we have added a few extras to keep things exciting and new for those who purchased our calendar last year.
  • Each little¬†bag has a number on of the day to open. Are you disciplined or will you binge open?¬†
  • Beautifully presented in an reusable cardboard box, and tied with a ribbon.¬†
  • A gorgeous gift for a fellow glitter lover, crafter or someone who needs a little sparkle in their life! Yes you are more than welcome to buy more than one for yourself ;)
  • All glitters will be suitable for use with baubles, tumblers, wine glasses, shaker box cards or any other craft projects your heart desires.¬†¬†
  • If there are any left overs they will be sold in the shop after 1 January 2022, these will not be complete calendars and only glitters.
N.B This glitter calendar and its format, glitter colours, names and overall idea belongs to Cafe Create.  Please2 don't steal our ideas.  We will find out and you will be named and shamed. 


There are a limited number of 2021 calendars available and will only be available to order until 15 November to allow for post to reach it's destination before1 Dec 2021.