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*BUDGET* Bright Metal Bucket Set of 24

Regular price $48.00

First dispatch date is 15/01/2024

Easter Bucket special Budget Price: These buckets are sent directly as they are supplied from the manufacturer, you may encounter approx. 0 - 4 buckets with small blemishes, imperfections or scratches - however, the box may also be perfect.  We are offering these at a discounted price and pass the risk onto you. 

By purchasing this product you agree to the terms on which this item is sold. 

Buckets sold at this special price are not available for return.

If you would like to order the premium buckets you are more than welcome, these are all hand checked and you will be sent

a perfect box of buckets.24 Beautiful plain bright tin buckets. 

4X each Red, Black, Blue, White, Pink, Purple

Height is 12cm 

Diameter is 11.5

Also available in a Pastel, and white colour set too